Making "IT" Work for You - IT Network/Administration & Consulting Services

PandionIntegrated is dedicated to reliable and efficient IT Network Administration. Whether the needs are a result of an inefficiency, backlog, incorrect information, consolidation or technical error, PandionIntegrated brings you experience, detailed performance and increased revenue.

  • - IT Network Administration
  • - IT Consulting
  • - IT Hardware & Software Solutions
  • - System/Network Monitoring
  • - System/Network Creation & Installation
  • - Custom SaaS/Web Programming
  • - SaaS/Web System Development & Consulting
  • - Web Hosting
  • - Custom Scripting and System Processing
  • - Acquisitions
  • - Backlogs
  • - Insurance Collections
  • - HIPAA Compliant
  • - Compliance Training
  • - Custom ECommerce Development
  • -More-

We have been proven in resolving numerous system and vendor integration hurdles. Our clients include, but are not limited to, Data Collection Companies, Background Record Check and Investigative Companies, Recruitment Companies, Healthcare Companies, CPA's, Doctor's Offices and Medical Supply Companies. If you have additional questions about PandionIntegrated please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Compliance with HIPAA is priority for our clients in the healthcare field. As your Business Associate our contract agreements are HIPAA compliant. Our company's staff has received the training required to secure your patient's PHI (Protected Health Information). The ways in which the PHI will be disclosed are clearly defined in our contract agreement. PandionIntegrated has saved and recovered millions of dollars for clients and we look forward to helping you.

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